Recor Originals

Establishing a solid family business

1949: Rene Corthouts establishes Recor. In these early years, Corthouts focuses on the production and sale of quality matrasses. It turns out to be the start of a successful long-term family business.

1983: Philippe Corthouts, son of founder René Corthouts, joins the company as director and leads Recor into the 21° century.

2016: Charles and Adrien, sons of Philippe, decide to contribute to the success of the family business. The continuity is ensured by the new generation.

Over the years the Recor collection expands dramatically. It now covers a wide range of home furniture: from armchairs, sofas, loungers and sofa- beds to living room and bedroom furniture as well as an extensive range in comfort sleeping products. More than 900 different models make it possible for customers to sit, relax and sleep in their favorite home style.

Belgian quality craftsmanship

One of the main factors for its huge success is without any doubt the Belgian craftsmanship Recor offered throughout the years – and still offers today. All furniture is designed and manufactured with an extreme focus on quality & comfort. The entire collection stands out with a remarkable price-performance ratio.

Worldwide export

After more than 65 years Recor proves itself to be a solid value on the international furniture market. Based in the very center of Europe, our company exports to more than 50 countries worldwide guarantying our well know quality service and reliability.

Mixed container transport

Recor offers flexible transport facilities. Thanks to our mixed container system, we can arrange containers however you want with different types of furniture. No more waiting for a certain amount of sofas. Your client’s orders can be placed, produced and transported right away. That’s how we guarantee the fastest delivery time possible.



Part of the Recor Group

Recor was founded in 1949 by Rene Corthouts, who combined the first two letters of his first and last names into company names. He caused a furore in the production and sale of quality mattresses. Later, Recor expanded its activities into lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms and furniture. The Recor Group currently comprises four divisions: Recor Home, Sofabed, Recor Originals and Recor Bedding. They all hold high regard to Belgian craftsmanship and the extreme focus on quality and comfort is ingrained in the DNA. 

Recor Group

Recor exports to 14 countries